About camp 


7th PAR Business camp will take place from 18th until 21th of November, in the heart of the "city that flows", Rijeka, Croatia.  PAR Business camp started in 2013 as the PAR Youth Forum with main topic "How Young Entrepreneurs Learn", where we hosted Mr. Richard M. Brandt, Director of the Iacocca Institute from USA and Mr. Emil Tedeschi, a Croatian entrepreneur and owner of Atlantic Group. Throughout the years camp became a place for young startups and entrepreneurs to acquire new set of skills. As it always is, networking is one of the key aspects of the camp where you can connect with other participants as well as lecturers. This year we are continuing with design thinking as a main methodology and adding a touch of digital skills.    

Program overview

What happens when you combine digital skills, corporate social responsibility and design thinking all under the case study concept?? Definitely, something PARtastic!

You will start with 2 days of intensive design thinking workshop, so unleash your inner designer and with your team test prototypes of your solutions to presented case. For 3rd day we have prepared lectures on digital skills and how can it be implemented into your solutions, followed by pitch practice. Last but not least, on Thursday you will have to present your solutions in front of live audience and jury.

Duration: 4 days

Program language: English

Location: Rijeka, Croatia

Dates: 18th - 21st November 2019

Applications will open soon!

What is included?

You will receive all the materials needed for all workshops, welcome package and participation on lectures that are not included in camps program, but will take place during those days.

As program will be intense we will be providing PAR breakfast and lunch, which will be served at PAR University College in relaxed atmosphere.     

Course content 


Don't worry, during the camp you will not be left on your own.While working in the team and on your skills by yourself, at all time  you will have the support of our mentors. Mentors are there for you and you will be encouraged to ask as many questions as one might have. Mentors, especially design thinkers, will be there to support and encourage you to come up with your own unique and innovative solution to the given case. We all make mistakes but with the guidance of mentors , you will make fewer of them, leaving you with more time to focus and develop the best ideas. In the end always remember words from Steve Washington, "Mentoring is a two-way street. You get out what you put in."